My approach to the creative process consists of five core steps.

Discover. Dream. Design. Develop. Do.

Each and every project provides unique challenges, objectives and goals. While no two projects are the same, having a proven process creates a great deal of efficiency; resulting in a much stronger end solution.


This is the preparation point of a given project. It includes the initial kick-off meeting, reviewing the brief, understanding the what and why, and becoming immersed in the creative request to achieve a clear vision of the goal(s) at hand. Discovery defines the challenge and sets clear objectives for what success looks like.

Often times the Discovery leads to deliverables such as a brand audit, competitive analysis, and consumer research amongst other items.


The incubation of ideas takes place in the Dream phase. The insight gathered in Discovery is thought through and applied to develop the creative strategy that will be followed throughout the process. This is where moodboards are explored, where voice, vision and tone start to take shape, and where campaigns are born.


Pencils are hitting paper, pixels are hitting screen. Design is all about executing on the creative strategy set forth in the Dream phase. It’s the “Aha!” moment where the vision comes to life. Concepts are being crafted for the medium at hand. Creative is being shared, reviewed, refined and approved.


With creative approved, it’s time for production to take place across all brand deliverables, campaigns, etc. Final files are packaged up and ready to print. For digital, this refers to actual development including responsive design, content population, and QA.


While this is the final phase of the process, in reality it’s just the start. It’s the exciting moment where creative hits the market. It’s where success is reviewed and analytics begin. It often involves analyzing data, gathering user-feedback, on-going testing, and building strategic campaigns to support the brand.