American Council on Exercise


As the leading nonprofit exercise professional and health coach certification organization with the mission to get people moving, ACE was in dire need of a complete brand overhaul in order to establish an identity that more accurately represents who they are and what they stand for. Through a collaborative approach that involved many stakeholders, the following challenge was crafted following discovery:

To create a brand identity filled with meaning and purpose. Something that embraces the ACE audience and their future, while supporting the ACE mission to get people moving. The identity must be inclusive, accessible, and inviting—a “for all” mentality.

Starting with the all new ACE logo, appropriately named “The Mover”, the brand identity placed much focus on the idea of inclusivity and reaching all people. The Mover expresses ACE’s passion for physical movement, as well as their commitment for providing exceptional education resources both to the public and to health and fitness professionals, so that all who can benefit from safe and effective physical movement have the opportunity to do so. The Mover is comprised of two elements, an arrow, which represents the constant pursuit of career growth, and legs in motion, which represents physical activity in its broadest sense. It’s a symbol that stands for movement—whether that means advancing in a career as a health and fitness professional or improving upon health and fitness goals.

Beyond the logo, I lead the charge in creating an all new ACE brand promise, personality, purpose, and positioning. An all new visual presence, including new brand colors, design elements, photography guidelines, and extensive copy guidelines were created to better align with ACE as an organization, and a brand.

To tie it all together, I created ACE’s first ever brand anthem video to share the ACE story with the world. With its revamped brand , filled with much meaning and purpose, ACE is clearly committed to doing everything they can as a nonprofit to ensure that every person they reach is compelled to move toward a healthier and more active way of life.