Paradox Ink


Paradox empowers artists and individuals to create an ever-evolving tattoo experience. Through it's innovative inks, Paradox affords individuals the flexibility to constantly reinvent themselves through style, mood and influence. Be it for self-expression – or a cosmetic or medical consideration – Paradox seizes the opportunity to create tattoos that reflect the journey of life.

A revolutionary product requires a revolutionary name. I lead the Paradox team through both naming and brand development. The Paradox logo is meant to identify the Paradox business, story, and products in their simplest form. While it’s an interesting visual in terms of looks alone, it serves a greater purpose by what it stands for. The mark describes the Paradox business in a way that is recognizable, memorable, and ownable. Much like the definition of "paradox", the logo itself combines contradictory features through the use of negative space.